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Andrew Rothkin, originally from Silver Spring, Maryland but now a longtime New Yorker, has been writing, directing and producing theatre for well over 25 years -- as well as acting in all mediums.  Some directing highlights include Lisa Voss’s Ninja Motorcycle Babes, Jonathan Wallace’s Brooklyn Of Light, and Mark U. Alvadrado’s Those Lurking Moments, among many other new pieces, classic pieces and contemporary classes. He has also staged many of his own works, including Danny, The Double Date, and Meredith’s Ring (Winner: Outstanding Production of a Short Play, Planet Connections Festivity Awards, 2009).

Additional scriptwriting highlights include Father’s Day, Bubby’s Shadow (Winner, Outstanding Production of a New Drama Play, MITF Awards, 2008), and Hamlet Bound & Unbound (Winner, Outstanding New Script for a Short Subject, MITF Awards, 2012).


Though Andrew has written numerous screenplays (some optioned but not yet produced) and though he has participated on film in a wide variety of positions (actor, production designer, set decorator, PA, and more), Andrew is delighted that his first film as writer-director-producer, "Love Bites," is complete and is currently making the festival circuit.


He is currently in rehearsals and pre-production for his feature-length follow-up, co-adapting "A Thousand Miles" with longtime collaborator Jonathan Wallace, the playwright of the original stage play.  Andrew will also direct.  

And there are many other films in the works!

Please check out Current & Upcoming Projects for additional information. 

-- May 2021 -- 

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