tryin' t' touch the sun

a black comedy / drama

by Andrew Rothkin


Melissa is having a really lousy day.


Today was supposed to be better than her birthday and Halloween combined.


Instead, it's one gigantic nightmare.  If only Betsy wasn't such a butt kisser...  If that Stephanie and Kim would keep their big mouths shut!


... a journey through the astounding inner life of a young girl caught in the web of her own fantasies.





tryin' t' touch the sun

White Rabbit Productions/FHB Productions/Spotlight On Productions.

New York, New York. 2002.


tryin' t' touch the sun 'tryin t' to touch the sun














                Director: Glory Kadigan

                Assistant Director  & S.M.: Scott Earley

                Scenic Design: Ryan Scott

                Sound Design: Christopher Brooks

                Costume Design: David Rigler

                Lighting Design: Sean Doyle




               Melissa: Cameron Peterson

               Principal Heckner: Ray Wiederhold

               Mrs. Beckson: Gretchen S. Hall

               Stephanie: Deborah J. Green

               Kim: Toney Briggs

               Betsy: Shelley Ray

               Rita: Ahrum Claiborne

               Caleb: Tony Harry

               Aunt Marge: Anita Wlody



              2002 Spotlight On Productions Festival Awards:


               Winner: Best Director of a Full Length Play, Glory Kadigan

               Winner: Sound Design, Christopher Brooks

               Winner: Best Actress in a Full Length Production, Cameron Peterson

               Winner: Best Supporting Actress in a Full Length Play, Gretchen S. Hall

               Winner: Best Featured Actress in a Full Length Play, Ahrum Claiborne

               Winner: Best Ensemble, Cameron Peterson, Ray Wiederhold, Gretchen S. Hall,

                     Deborah J. Green,  Toney Briggs, Shelley Ray, Ahrum Claiborne, Tony Harry and  Anita Wlody

               Nomination: Best Full Length Production, White Rabbit Productions & FHB Productions

               Nomination: Best Original Play/Playwright’s Award, Andrew Rothkin

               Nomination: Best Lighting Design, Sean Doyle

               Nomination: Best Costume Design for a Full Length Play, David Rigler

               Nomination: Best Supporting Actress in a Full Length Play, Anita Wlody